Sunday, November 26, 2006

Streptococcus equi

I'm S. equi.
I'm a Gram Positive coccus .
I'm a B heamolytic strep in the C Lancefield group.

I am mostly found in horses.
I infects their airways and lymph nodes.
If I do get into people, I can cause pharyngitis (sore throat) and tonsillitis.


Unknown said...

causes an infectious disease in horses. Wacky Fun.


Walter said...

It's called "equi" because it relates to horses. "Equine" means horses are involved. "Streptococcus" has "strep" in the front, which leads a suspicious and enterprising mind to conclude that it involves strep-somethingorother. Put both words together and you get a strep bacterium who's fond of working with equine organisms. I know this because listening to public radio increases your intelligence, and I do that occasionly. <8)

Anonymous said...

Eee, cute! Which Strep is it that turns into flesh-eating disease when it comes into contact with open wounds?

PS, i added your site to my blogroll :)

sharon said...

The strep that causes the "flesh eating disease" is a strain of the Lancefield group A strep.

Anonymous said...

Ay, guess what, it's my birth sighn!

Anonymous said...

strepto means chain- like (its the arrangement of the bacteria - the coccus part means round circle like shape and the equi part is in reference to EQUINE which means horse

Anonymous said...

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