Monday, November 20, 2006

Staphylococcus caprae

Hi, my name is S. caprae.
I'm a Gram Positive, coagulase negative coccus.
live on healthy human skin.
I can also cause bone and joint infections when I get into cuts and wounds.
I can cause bacteraemia if I get into your blood.

My name originally name from the word 'goat', thats where scientists first found me.


Kujo said...

are you going to go through all 31 species of staph? i used to work in a lab, and i enjoy tequilla, plus i like the drawings

gris said...

hi, its a amazing place, very funny and original!!

el walto said...

I continue to enjoy your fun blog and I actually may be learning something in the process! And as a designer, all I can think of is "lucrative children's book deal" every time I see your illustrations :)

Fluidsprit said...

what a CUTE blog!! Kudos

Anonymous said...

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