Thursday, November 02, 2006

Legionella longbeachae

Hello, I'm L. longbeachae.
I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.

I often make my home in Australia, though I sometimes visit America.
One of my favourite spots is Western Australia.
I live in some aquatic environments, but most of the time I hang out in soil, potting mix and compost heaps.
I cause severe pneumonia and sometimes legionellosis.


Anonymous said...

Legionella needs more water! :-D

Shree Igor Baba said...

I'd want to adopt you if ourlegislation allows

Haselhurst said...

Nice to see someone from Perth online. Good site & I like your character drawings of the microbes.

ithinkearthisheaven said...

congrats for being blog of the day . and yep design and explanation is really good . very informative for science students . thanks

Anonymous said...

This is great :)

(Although you might want to start deleting some of the spam comments you're getting... that's the problem with success)

markwoff said...

you'll be getting millions of hits now. i'm just glad to click on one that isn't complete gack. i have linked to you from my own effort. keep up the good work.

Samuel R. Pasamonte said...

Nice blog? Do you draw all the microbes yourself?

Samuel R. Pasamonte said...

*sorry bout the wrong question mark. Nice blog!

Miguel said...

Great Blog ...!
Good Idea ...!

Kisses from Portugal!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you hang out at my workplace, being a compost heap and all. glad to find a witty bacteria within my compost heap

Anonymous said...

I just listed you in my fav blogs.

Some Comics on Fungus too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great education. Very refreshing and progressive way to learn. Your artwork is just so "appropriate." Keep them coming, pal.

Are your artistic abilities for sale?
[seriously, I would love to use your cartooning skills for an upcoming website..that is if your rates are student rates]

Great site/ laugh as you learn.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very good.

       .---.       .-----------
      /     \  __ /    ------
      //     \( )/    -----
     //////   '\/ `   ---
    //// / //:    : ---
   // /   / /`    '--
 //         //..\\
=Fly to offshore now=

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Good job! Way to go! Keep blogging!

Mikolynn said...

Hi Legionella!
A kiss from Spain!

SpitSpot said...

Wait what can I adopt again?

Berna Valada said...

I'll try to meet the cute Longbeachae personally. My work colleagues gave me a cold. Thanks.

(Maybe Longbeachaes don't travel to Portugal :( )

Ali said...

Erm... is this blog contagious?

PHSChemGuy said...

Digging the a science teacher, I'll be sending all my students here...

Such cute lil' microbes...

High Power Rocketry said...

Haha what a great fun idea for a page :)

h r o s w i t h said...

Awesome! :D it reminded me of those cute plush microbes they sell on ThinkGeek or something...

Keep blogging, you're on my fave list! :D

Anonymous said...


My polymer, Peptidoglycan (a.k.a. Murein Hasan), sends greetings to Legionella and a sugar hug

Unknown said...

Awesome. Can I in fact adopt a microbe?

Agar said...

Hi there!

Just discover your blog. Such a nice work! People will love Microbilogy from now ;-) I write a scientific blog in Spanish, and I couldn't avoid speaking about you here.

Congratulations from Belgium!


Danilla Vanilla said...

Go girl, this blog is spot on. Looking forward to seeing pics of my favourites, custard pie Staph aureus and flesh fall-out Strep pyogenes

Claire said...

Do i blame you personally for my local swimming pool being shut for the past month!lol!

Carson said...

Just 'discovered' your blog. Enjoying your posts.

Jay said...

Mhmmm nice blog! keep it up!

Shrinked Immaculate said...


suzib said...

This microbe was on House MD last week :)

Unknown said...

can i adopt you?

Unknown said...

can i have you

Anonymous said...

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