Saturday, November 18, 2006

Staphylococcus epidermidis

Hi, I'm S. epidermidis.
I'm a coagulase negative, Gram Positive coccus.
I'm found in normal human skin

When I infect skin I
make it red and oozy.
I infect prosthetics, pins, plates, screws and anything in your body made of metal.
I cause pain, redness, swelling and tissue erosion which loosens the prosthesis.
I get into your head through shunts into your brain and give you meningitis.

I make a 'slime' layer that is very hard to get off, so you have to remove all the metal.


J-. r. said...

And more than a few times, also lives at intravenous catheters, causing intrahospitalarial infections :(

Anonymous said...

Hey there, don't have anything special to say except that I'm enjoying your blog. Never thought I'd check back to see what the new bacteria would be on a blog....

Anonymous said...

hey! your entries have helped me in my school reports. :) cool and many thanks!

Walter said...

What a cute little robo- microbe.<8)

Anonymous said...

hahaha i just identified this one in my lab.. awesome

Anonymous said...

working with little epidermidis in my undergrad thesis :D

Anonymous said...

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