Saturday, November 11, 2006

Neisseria meningitidis

Hello, my name is N. meningitidis.
You can call me the meningococcus.
I am a Gram Negative cocci (round) bacteria.
I'm carried in the noses and mouths of 5-10% of people, but I don't make them sick.
They can give me to other people by kissing and sharing drinks.

I have 13 different 'serogroups' - my most deadly groups are A, B, C and Y.
These can quickly kill healthy people.

Most of the time, I cause meningitis and a special purple rash made of bleeding in the skin.
I can also infect your blood.


envirogle said...

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firstmonsoon said...

oi! ze brilliant blog. I bow to thy genius.

Great work :D Where'd you get the idea, though?

Judy said...

The giardia lambia in my gut feels neglected by your blog...

Anonymous said...

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Fubsadoo said...

Awesome blog!
Cool idea, first interesting blog I've seen in ages...

boss said...

Wow awesome cool blog! You are so creative and original! It is by far the best blog i have seen this week. And i see alot of blogs, by pressing "the next blog" button thingy. hehe. [URL=]Hehe why not have a laugh today[/URL]

post apocalyptic boy said...

this is so cool. cheers to you!

Wim Van Hooste said...

Hi Emma,
Very nice and original blog. Keep on going! I'll make a link to your blog on my blogs on Helicobacter pylori and Influenza.
Wim Van Hooste

Sofia said...

Hi Emma,

Great blog! Do you know you are being copied in Colombia?

h r o s w i t h said...

It looks like someone is copying and translating your entries to another blog. :(

powayslugger said...

Cool blog. very interesting. I'll be coming back to learn microbiology by blogging! Thanks.

heykell said...

REally good blog.I heard some of them when I was high school.Good luck!

Anonymous said...

its a short course in microbiology. cool!

Karen Zara said...

I just want to compliment you on this great idea. I'll be recommending your blog to my readers.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Both funny and interesting. I think many science students will find the web really useful. By the way, I've just recomended it on my blog. ;-)

pigeon said...

I dated a Graham Negative for a while...we'll he was positive most of the time...but your post helps explain that pesky rash!
Carry on,

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! And about the copycat, remember, thats just a form of flattery! Congrats! Cheers.

DJ Alley said...

AWESOME BLOG!! I am a nursing student so I enjoy learning all about those MICROBES!! Keep it coming!!
Come visit my blog sometime!!

Aline Bottcher said...


Anonymous said...

Hilarious - I love it!

Great stuff :) And from an fellow Aussie too!

Lost. Found. Lost Again said...

good job...

Anonymous said...

Haha. Truly unique blog. I find your germs very sweet, is that wrong?

Cvetjka said...

I've just ran inoto your blog, and what can I say except: It's great! Keep up the good work

Rahul Chawra said...

Never seen such beautiful presentation of topics which otherwise would be a lot more colourless and dull.
Fine piece of work and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Adopt a microbe is an attractive name, but not more attractive than the content, which is not more attractive than the presentation of the stuff.

So overall it's an awesome place. Nobody had thought that you can make microbes look so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Love your page. Cool!

ELENA D. PIRAS said...

ciao bello il tuo blog!! non capisco l'inglese,ma ho capito che è simpatico.ciao elena italia roma

Unknown said...

what a great, imaginative website!

psykadelicbutterfly said...

you managed to make infectious microbes cute. i'm not sure to think you awesome or think you crazy. how about both? :) i agree....educational and entertaining. i'm definitely going to bookmark you. :D

psykadelicbutterfly said...

you managed to make infectious deadly microbes cute.


i'm not sure whether you think you awesome or to think you a little crazy. how about both? :D

education and entertaining, definitely a bookmark. :D

Anonymous said...

Genius! Too funny.

Chitra Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chitra Paul said...

dear emma, Really cool blog u have here. I am a post graduate in medical microbiology from india and found your blog really informative and interesting from a lay person's perspective. The toons are also quite creative. Great idea.

Charlotte said...

this is the strangest blog I have ever read-but cool still

notes said...

Lovely. I had never imagined microbes would look so cute.

enie said...


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