Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Legionella pneumophilia

Bonjour, I am L. pneumophilia.
I am found everywhere, especially in aquatic environments.
I get into you through aerosol or water droplets.

My most well known serogroups are types 1, 4 and 6.
I'm well known for causing Legionnaire's disease.
This disease gives you a severe pneumonia illness.
I can also give you a milder, flu like disease called pontic fever.

Did you know? Legionnaire's disease got its name because it was first recognised at a legionnaire veteran convention?


Anonymous said...

just look at his little hat

The Sanity Inspector said...

By sheer chance, I just clicked over from this article about cholera. Congratulations on landing Blogger's spotlight!

Anonymous said...

I think that your blog is really funny! I share the microbe passion with you: i'm graduating in Foods sciences and technologies and i found useful your work. Excuse my poor english but i'm italian. Although i'm thinking to transfer in USA for work :-) Dario

Ashley said...

Thats interesting i never knew why it was called legionnaires. You learn something new everyday.

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minijonb said...

Did you know that legionnaire veteran convention was in Philadelphia? ... you do now =:-)

Julia Buckley said...

Brilliant. who'd have thought microbes were so cute?! I shall feel really guilty next time I take antiboitics now!

Mark said...

Fascinating blog, this goes into my favourites :)

Pixel said...

Super awesome blog! Going to share it will all my bio professors!

Renegade said...

Looks like that bayonet would hurt!

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Nathan said...

This is really cool :). Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

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Jim Bumgarner said...

I'm a cell your blog! With the resources available, you should be able to keep this going for a long, long, long, time...then you can step down, or is it up, to the happy world of the virus....

One more thing...I'm a blogger too and I have yet to discover how those of you who are so much more creative than I set up your personalized headings on your blogs...can you help me? If so, just jump over to my blog and drop a quick note on the first message there. Thanks!!!!!!!

Oberon said...

........i'm not a cell biologist but.......i love your hat.

Ainsley Wiles said...

I was just looking at some algae and other critters from a pond and found your site, don't you just love irony.

Dilip Mutum said...

Who would have thought that microbes, which can be seen only through a microscope could be so interesting. Really creative

J said...

I love this blog. i am a ecotoxicologist in Canada but i share your interest in bacteria!!!

Anonymous said...

Im just a passerby. Not a microbiologist or toxicologist or blah blah...I appreciate youridea of giving microbes a place in blogspot.Keep blogging.


whoiam said...

I'll bet anonymous would want you to take off your cute hat and several other things.I enjoyed your blog.I find these things interesting too.I found you as a featured blogger of blogspot.NPUBLICI

Id it is said...

Funny packaging of some serious information! neat!

Antonio said...

You put a smile on my face, thanks from Spain!

Dr. Murphy said...

Very cute! I'm a microbiologist by training and am currently a high school biology teacher in the U.S. We are getting ready to blog our Honors Bio notes and create a "virtual study group". As I logged on tonight to set some things up, I saw your blog in the spotlight.
I am a total microbe lover; I have some cartoons drawn by a friend 25 years ago and will upload them to your blog when I have time.
Keep it up. Microbes rule the Earth.

R D said...

Cute blog! I'm preparing an entry on my blog to link to yours. I'd like to include one of your darling illustrations in the blog entry. I couldn't find an email address to ask for permission though. Could you send an email to so we might correspond on this? Thanks!

anonymous jones said...

SNOTTITES and EXTREMOPHILES: I have tackled this topic as my current post. What does a snottite and a fluffy bunny have in common? Can you vote an extremophile in at the next election? Do I know what I am talking about?! The voices tell me that I do .....

Anonymous said...

you are wierd

ThatGirlTasha said...

Congrats on being a "blog of note"I'm not a biologist but I am a germaphobe-very cute blog.

Ganesh Bhakta said...

it was like a wonder to go through was a nice nostalgia when i used to be in MBBS preparation entrance class .
nice blog
keep it up

Anonymous said...

this site is HILARIOUS!!!
i have sent it along to several professors, especially my MICRO professor. and friends... i cant wait to go thru all the posts...

but you make them all too cute, i want to adopt them all. but not IN my body ;)

*still cracking up*

tsunamichaser said...

Your blog is great as is your artwork. The images capture these microbes way better than an electron mircoscope, if you are trying to convey to the public the nature of these disease agents. You have a future in health education if you choose.

Min said...

love the blog =)

GoGo said...

OMG, funny!

Great idea! I've adopted a few already in my life time.

~smiles. gg

Medagogue said...

Someone from my neighborhood got the plague. I wrote about it. Check out my site.

Nenet said...

Wow, you have a great blog, great illustrations too! Congratulations! By the way, I would like to link up your blog, thanks so much.

Vir said...

Love your blog, great job!

Paolo said...

Hi. Very funny. Really. I would like to have someone who take a look to my blog.
I'm new here.
the address is: paolo-taddei-artworks.
Please share with the others.

Continue with microbes. they're great.

Unknown said...

Nice to see it taking off, Em.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept for a blog, but make sure you spell the names of the organisms correctly..L. pneumophila

Gwendolyne said...

You are the first blog I have bookmarked. Keep up the creative journey of art and science. I studied biochemistry back in University and chose a life in the arts. Visit me one day and say hi.

High Power Rocketry said...

: O)

common language said...

If you made a t-shirt of this guy, i'd buy it!

Tracy Rubble said...

Love ya blog... it was funny and interesting.

I'm new here. Please read mine

Anonymous said...

Cell biology grad student in the USA thinks this is awesome!

I wonder if non-US people know that the infamous convention was not for the glamorous French Foreign Legion, but for the American Legion, which is mostly elderly, ultra-nationalistic US Armed Forces veterans? Even so, the French hat looks much better than anything an American Legionnaire might wear!

Could you possibly do Listeria monocytogenes? It propels itself from cell to cell using a "comet tail" made of protein from the host. People often get Listeria from cheese.

thanks for your entertaining art & a nice contribution to microbiology education!

j.daniel said...

i love the blog and visit it from time to time. i noticed that you mention "pontic fever" on this post and i wanted to point out the misspelling - i'm certain you meant "pontiac fever" which is named for Pontiac, Michigan (a city just outside Detroit) where the illness was first characterized.

Anonymous said...

Another of my favorite genra of bacteria. I spent the last year of my PhD research studying this beast in the swamps of South Carolina. A couple of years later I found myself in the Mt. St. Helens blast zone, a few weeks post-eruption, collecting samples from which I isolated a number of Legionella.
You have a great blog, thanks for your hard work and interest in microbes!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

think that your blog is really funny! I share the microbe passion with you: i'm graduating in Foods sciences and technologies and i found useful your work. Excuse my poor english but i'm italian. Although i'm thinking to transfer in USA for work :-)

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