Monday, November 06, 2006

Brucella melitensis

My name is B. melitensis.
I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.
I am quite small.
I live in sheep and goats, but some of my cousins live in cows, pigs and dogs.

I cause a zoonotic infection called Brucellosis.
Zoonotic means people can only get me from animals.
I cause fever, headaches, mucle pain and even depression.


Dani said...

i love this one! sheeeeep! x

Ashlee said...

These are so cute! This is an awesome blog. Do you draw the pictures yourself? They are great!

Hitesh mamgain said...

Cute little disease spreading bacteria... nice blog

Emma Lurie said...

yea i draw them myself.

Walter said...

This is... Quite excellent! Really, one of the most imaginative blogs I've ever seen. The illustrations are cute, and the whole thing is very well thought out.

RoseCovered Glasses said...

Great Site. I grew up with many of these animal diseases on a farm 40 years ago in Minnesota, USA.

Your illustrations are super.

Keep it up!!


Um Hi said...

this is by far the cutest microbe.

TheFastestIndian said...

Lovely, but where are all the Gram positives?!?!

h r o s w i t h said...

Noooo! depression? *cheers up the poor sheep and goats*

LBG said...

This is really different and wonderful. What a mind! What do you do for a living? And what is a gram negative bacteria?

scalpelle said...

Stumbled across your blog by chance (fate?) it is brilliant. Many thanks for something completely different.


Emma Lurie said...

gram positives are soon to come.

TheMalayMale said...

You probably showed a better way of teaching what bacterias are.
Looking forward to more of your blog.
Keep up the good work. Bravo!

Eddie Alfaro said...

thank you very much,
i had a fun time reading.
hope you are well.


Frankie said...

for such a cute criter they seem really nasty

el walto said...

Whoa! I found your site via the random site picker. I just wanted to say that it's definitely a fun site, and like everyone else, I really enjoy the illustrations :)

Katherine said...

These are sooo cute!! LOL! I love it! Much ♥

Sergi said...

It's a creative blog. Very nice. Really!!!

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