Monday, January 26, 2009

Human immunodeficiency Virus

My name is Human immunodeficiency virus.
I am a Retrovirus.
I'm very retro.
I have 2 types.

I make up the majority of HIV in the world.
I'm mostly found in Africa.

I lead to a disease called AIDS.
I travel through sexual contact, needles, blood and from mother to baby.

I get into
CD4+ immune cells.
They make my copies for me.

I start with a flu like illness.
Then I lay low for many years.
Then the illness becomes AIDS.

I lead to other infections, like Candida, PCP, CMV, HHV-8, HSV and Mycobacteria.


Jonathan Badger said...

Er. a disco outfit with goldfish boots? Normally, I get your personifications of microbes -- but wasn't HIV first discovered in the 1980s -- well past the "Saturday Night Fever" era?

Emma Lurie said...

Yea, this might have a been a bit abstract. I was going for a pun on "retro" virus, rather than the saturday night fever 1980s thing.

Maybe it will make more sense when the next microbe is out.