Saturday, February 03, 2007

Corynebacterium minutissimum


My name is C. minutissimum.
I'm a Gram Positive bacteria.
I am a rod but I'm an irregular shape.
I can't form spores like some.

I cause erythrasma, mostly on the parts of your skin that are folded.
This has reddish brown patches or scales.


Anonymous said...


I'm a Biology and MedicalLab (Microbiology) student from the Netherlands

I Love you blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you Mr. Minutissimum. I've always wanted to ask, is everything in your body proportional to your size?

Anyway, i cam here looking for a different kind of bacteria, one who will not infect me in my moist areas. I think today i will adopt Emma Laurie. She looks like a sweet Bacteria to keep.

Unlike the rest of the bacteria, The Emma Humani doesn't seem to be so much into formalities.


Vinicio will not compliment on the creator of this blog because that would only raise his or her self-esteem, and you know how bacteria are when they get excited and confident...they begin to propagate.


Yiannis said...

Hi Emma!

I am NOT a Biology or Medical student, nor involved into the so called "Industry of Medicine", but i like so much your blog, i have put a link in mine so pepole can come and see something completely different, yet HYPE AND COOL! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

hey!! im a bio major and i find your blog soooo amusing! im doing work on microbes right now and found all of them here! hahaha

Benedict Arnold said...

Hi there!

i love microbes, like your blog..hope you don't mind i put up a link to yours. Happy Lunar New Year from singapore!

Unknown said...

You have an awesome blog
Keep it up !

el walto said...

I hope you get a book deal some day :)

Anonymous said...

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Dr. ALMUMTIN said...

Hey gurl,
u look soo beutiful Ms Minutssium
Keep it up :)