Monday, January 29, 2007

Corynebacterium urealyricum

Hello there.
You can call me C. urealyricum.
I'm a Gram Positive rod shaped bacteria.
My shape is irregular and I can't make endospores.

I can cause urinary tract infections by breaking a chemical called urea into little bits.
Ammonia crystals get left over and get stuck in your kidneys.
I am also very good at giving you kidneys stones.


Slinger said...

stumbled onto this site yesterday...I linked it to my page. Brilliant!

Atomic Dave said...

Hilarious site! Love it!

el walto said...

One day, I will figure out what "gram positive" means. But even without knowing, I still very much continue to enjoy your illustrations :)

elaran said...

Hey Em,

I figure I should look up Micro stuff before uni starts and the blog's helping to keep me interested. :)

Anonymous said...

You sound delightful. No, really.

Rickey said...

Dig your blog. Check mine out sometime--its pretty damned good and worth bookmarking:

Brint Montgomery said...

I think it's totally unfair of God to make it so that poor Corynebacterium urealyricum's shape is irregular and can't make endospores. This clearly shows that the problem of evil isn't just a function of human actions, but the whole pan-microscopic world of bacterium must also wrestle with this theological conundrum!

Anonymous said...

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