Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vibro Cholerae

Hi, I'm V. cholerae.
I'm a Gram negative, oxidase positive fermenter bacteria.
Many of my strains cause cholera, a severe diarrhoeal illness.
I can be epidemic or pandemic and I love the developing world.
I have a high fatality in malnourished populations, where people get very dehydrated.

To give you severe diarrhoea, my strains need to make the cholera toxin.
I have lots of strains!
Most of my strains that cause outbreaks are 'type-01' strains, but there are also 139 'non-type-01' strains.
You can classify me into Inaba, Ogawa and Hikojima serotypes if you want. Or you could classify me into classical and El Tor biotypes (you don't see my El Tor much anymore though).

I hope you pick me!


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i have this and i love it!!!!

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Hi! I love your pictures! Did you know, that in Polish "cholera" is also a bad word? ;)