Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vibrio alginolyticus

My name is V. alginolyticus.
Just like my cousin V.c, I'm a Gram negative, oxidase positive fermenting bacteria.
I don't have any cholera toxin though.

Some of my cousins and I live in the water, especially the ocean.
I get into you through cuts you get while swimming.
I can cause skin and tissue infection of your marine wounds.

We just love surfers, so if you love the water, come and take me home.


Anonymous said...

Hello.. I interest with this kind of bacteria. But I found it on oil palm-young leaf explant(tissue culture). How it could be? Because all I know that this bactria was a marine bacterium, and a pathogenic bacterium.

Anonymous said...

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Zuhairi said...

Maybe adaptation from previous ancestor or maybe contamination during isolation. follow your procedures to find answer. hope you will find soon. all the best