Friday, June 01, 2007

Caulobacter crescentus

My name is C. crescentus.
I'm Gram Negative bacteria.
I live in water or in soil, even if there's not much food about.
I'm very good at living in places with little food.

I make 2 daughters when I divide.

One is called a swarmer and has a special tail for moving around.
The other is called a stalked cell and has a long tube with sticky stuff at the end.
Both of these help me survive where other bacteria can't.


Jonathan Badger said...

Yay! Caulobacter! Thanks, Emma!

Cesar Sanchez said...

Great blog, Emma! I have just commented about it in my (till now boring) blog (Twisted Bacteria). I have used two images from your blog in my post, please tell me if that's not OK for you. Congrats again!

- C├ęsar

Emma Lurie said...

Yeah, thats fine.
Thanks for reading. I like your posts about the beewolves and the ants. Amazing stuff!

Anonymous said...

HEY! though im not even 16, but im really interested in medical science..Its really cool and so is ur site!it help me learn alot!THX!! ^^ U rock my socks