Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mycobacterium vaccae

My name is M. vaccae.

I'm an acid fast bacteria like my cousins.
I live in the soil.

When I'm around, some people make more serotonin.
That's the chemical in your brain that makes you happy.
A lot of people think that I may be able to help fight depression.


Anonymous said...


i love this bacteria.

it can also be an use for immunotherapy for allergies, chron's disease, tb. also used to catabolize the degradation of waste you throw on the river, emma.

haha.cute cow. hey! why is m. vacae holding a pink flower, stop giving it gender =-P

Emma Lurie said...

because i didnt like the look of a yellow flower (they are the most flower-y colours)

Alex said...

Besides, pink isn't automatically a "girl" color, yeah? It's just a happy color. :)

Jonathan Badger said...

Additionally, "vaccae" is the genitive form of Latin "vacca" (cow, hence the little cow picture), which is a feminine noun. :-)

Of course, "Mycobacterium" itself is a neuter noun, but hey...

Superfrankdaddy said...

I really like this idea you got going on. I was actually looking for a bacteria to do a presentation on for my Microbial Physiology graduate course. And this one really caught my attention. Your blog is actually useful, unlike mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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