Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chlamydophila psittaci

Well hello.
My name is C. psittaci.
Like my cousin C. trachomatis, I'm tiny!
I also have both elementary and initial bodies.

You can get me if you spend a lot of time around birds.
I cause a lung infection called psittacosis.
I start out looking like flu, with fever and a sore throat.
Later I grow and look like pneumonia.


Morrigane said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I wanted to tell you it is incredible!

I looooooved your series about the Clostridium family. They are my favorites. Aren't they disgusting?

Anonymous said...

I too happened to come across your blog. Did you do all of that yourself? I really liked all the drawings and the fun synopsis of each. Ever think about teaching? I think you would do an amazing job!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog while I was doing a project on chlamydia.

Your microbes are quite cute and funny... keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your beautiful blog. I really like those funny pictures...

Peg solo said...

onde está a candida?

Emma Lurie said...

Los viruses son primeros, entonces hongos (o parasitos)

helen said...

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Unknown said...

I thought you are a medical microbiologist who can make very nice cartoons. But you are too young for that. I suppose you got help from a very nice medical microbiologist.

Anne de Vries, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

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