Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mycobacterium leprae

Hello there, my name is M. leprae.
I'm also an 'acid fast' bacteria, carried on your breathe.
I like cool areas of your skin, eyes and nose.

I'm best known for giving people leprosy.
I cover your body in coloured patches and lumps.
I don't actually make your limbs fall off, I just kill the nerves in your skin.
You lose your limbs because you can't feel when you hurt them.

I have 2 types!
Healthy people only get a milder 'tuberculoid' kind of leprosy.
But if your immune sysyem is weak, you get my more severe 'lepromatous' kind.


Anonymous said...

Would you please create a marine microbe post?

Emma Lurie said...

It's almost next on my list.

Brie said...

Your cartoon microbes are amazing....A marine microbe post would be very awesome indeed....Definetly my main focus...Good idea anonymous!

Miguel Villegas said...

I really like your blog, your cartoons are neat. I will show your link to my Micro class. Muchas Gracias from Caracas, Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

all this bacteria talk is getting me hungry.

Miguel is a citizen of Chavez's state, he'll probably take credit for emma lurie's site. you know how they are.

Anonymous said...

Winai, not everybody that lives in venezuela is a fan of their president. Leave the man alone, he's doing it in an educational effort.

Great blog btw, i really enjoy it. How about a little Comamonas? C. testosteroni is out there in many sites saving the planet! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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