Saturday, June 17, 2006

Salmonella enteritidis

Hi, my name is S. enteritidis.
I'm part of the enterobacteriaceae, from tribe 3, Salmonellae.
I'm a Gram negative bacteria.

When I have typhoidal strains people just call me S. typhi.
My typhoidal strains cause typhoid fever.
It's a serious systemic disease you get when I invade through your intestines to you blood.
It can be fatal!

I have thousands of non-typhoidal strains as well.
It can infect you through food and water and cause self-limiting diarrhoea.

My cousins S. paratyphi causes paratyphoid fever (but I just think he's copying me)

One of my most famous carriers is Typhoid Mary.
She was a cook and was quarantined until the day she died.


NailaJ said...

mmmmmmmmmm Salmonella!

Anonymous said...

Salmonella enteritidis is a serovar of Salmonella enterica.

The genospecie is salmonella enterica, and it has more over 2500 serovares, like s typhi, s paratyphi and s enteritidis.

Tmd rehabilitasyon said...

woooww so good picture :)