Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Campylobacter jejuni

Hola. I'm C. jejuni.
I am a curved Gram Negative rod.

You can find me in lots of domestic animals.
I am part of the normal bacterial flora of poultry and cattle.
I get into people through dirty drinking water or undercooked meat, especialy chicken.
I cause food poisoning, with a self limiting bloody diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and fever.


Anonymous said...


Might I suggest Mycobacterium avium?

Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) is the most common disseminated bacterial disease in patients infected by the human immunodeficiency virus.

Unknown said...

Goody gumdrops for the lady

Indie Squid Kid said...

I just found your site through BoingBoing, and I think it is awesome! Have you ever thought about making this into a book? I suggest Lulu.com--you could even enter it into the Lulu Blooker Prize!

Anonymous said...

I just came from Boingboing. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Keep them coming!

Unknown said...

greetings from San Francisco, CA... I love this site. Great pictures and useful info. Definitely a great book in the making! Never to early to get the kids into microbio.

Gene said...

Congratulations, you're famous!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, do you do the illustrations yourself? Good job lady.

Jane said...

You are awesome! ^_^ I hope to see lots more adoptable microbes on this blog. And I agree about the book comment... you should totally publish. You might not even need to self-publish, this looks like a terrific commercial kids book to me.

Eric said...

What, no prions?

m@ said...

They're cuter than the little stuffed microbes you can buy!

chick pea said...

came here through boing boing.. am a doctor myself.. reminds me of microbio made ridiculously simple (have you see/read that?) very funny... love your cartoons...

what about one of my faves..Chlamydophila psittaci

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I found you through Boing Boing and I'm going to feature your great pictures on my medically related blog.

I should be studing for the boards right now, but I think I'll just learn what I need to know from your site.

Anonymous said...

haha, I'm a biology student at UPenn. This site is so funny. I love it! Two thumbs up! I'm actually thinking of doing something similar for genetic diseases. ;)

Not sure the kids would love reading about scary bacterial and the Plague, though.


Anonymous said...

hey em! finally getting some recognition! yay for boing boing! the book idea is awesome, btw. have fun!


Dr J said...

came from boingboing. Your blog has made me hppier than you could know...I will be adopting all these fellas for my micro class notes

pure genius man, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Wow this realy is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Always thought I was the only one with the love for the little critters.
Might I suggest Legionella Pneumophilla?
Please keep up the good work.

Sara said...

Hey - what about the Guillain Barre connection for this guy?

High Power Rocketry said...

I dont want that one!

Matti said...

Dear Campylobacter jejuni,

thanks for your visit. It was surely fun to hang out together. I'm a bit exhausted now, as I'm always after meeting you. It makes me think that maybe it's better if you don't see me again before my ass stops hurting.

Anonymous said...

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